Going crazy for our cats she could see through the screen door









denim (similar)| top (old, super similar options here & here) | cardigan | hat  (new fave)| bag | jeweled sandals | necklace spiky pearl bracelet | fitbit bracelet | watch | ring 

We have been having some horrible weather! It doesn’t feel like summer at all, it actually feels like April. I’m waiting for warmer temps with more sunshine and less rain! I love this hat though, it’s definitely a new favorite. A great neutral color and floppy but not too floppy that it impairs your vision because that drives me nuts. Perfect to toss on during a bad hair day (like mine that I just threw to the side in a braid). Currently loving this mauevy colored cardigan, it’s a chunky knit and a great deal. And on repeat are these new sandals, at less than $23 such a steal. They are so comfy and very well made too!

How big does my baby girl look?! Ahhh, I can’t even believe it! She is starting to stand on her own, but is still too nervous to take a step alone. I feel like once she starts walking she’s officially a big girl so I’m okay waiting a bit longer 🙂

What is everyone doing for Father’s Day? We are doing brunch with my family in the morning and dinner with Kevin’s in the evening. Does anyone have a great go to brunch recipe? I’m thinking of doing my tried and true egg strata recipe of my mom’s, fruit, pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls, and maybe strawberry shortcake for something sweet. Any other savory suggestions?

I hope everyone is having a good week, almost Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

Aztec vibes










Aztec print dress (old, love this and this) | mules | straw/coral tote | sunnies | isadora hoops | bianca lariat | renegade cluster | MK watch (on sale!)

I’m loving fun vibrant colors and patterns for summer. Especially in the trendy aztec prints. They bring so much life and fun to any outfit! I’m also obsessed with this straw tote for summer. The coral trim is the perfect addition to any outfit and it can be used as a purse or a beach bag! It’s also lined in the most adorable pineapple print. Which is the same as this beauty bag, that I also have and LOVE!

Hope everyone had a fun cinco de mayo yesterday and enjoyed a margarita or 2! I made tacos and this DELICIOUS and addicting treat!

Super Bowl Snacks

Everyone loves the Super Bowl, if only for the food and halftime show! Game day eats and snacks are some of my favorites. Bite size and make ahead dishes are easiest. Dips are also a great idea for the Super Bowl. Here are a few ideas from pinterest of what you could make this Super Bowl Sunday.


slow cooker buffalo chicken sandwiches recipe here


homemade soft pretzel bites recipe here


mac and cheese bites recipe here


slow cooker drunken bbq wings recipe here


pigs in a blanket recipe here


jalapeno popper dip recipe here


and for a sweet treat to snack on, this sweet and salty snickers popcorn looks so good! Recipe here

I will be spending Superbowl Sunday at my in-laws celebrating my father in laws 60th birthday and watching the game! I will be making the pigs in a blanket (per my husband’s request) and a dessert! I haven’t decided what yet, but that popcorn looks amazing. I hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing weekend. Sunday will definitely be an all day cheat meal for me 🙂

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Fitness & Healthy eating

Since graduating from college I have gone back and forth between periods of time where I consistently work out and where I consistently don’t. I tend to just fall off the train and never get back on, then kick myself for ever getting off. Before we got married in 2012, Kevin and I both joined Title Boxing Club. It was a little intimidating at first and SO hard. But it was also so much fun and such a good workout! It was something we could do together which was great. We were both going 5x a week sometimes even on Saturday too. On our wedding day I was definitely in the best shape of my life. I continued with it for about a year after we got married… then I got pregnant.

TBC-logo-2013-RDBK 1601759_204830016379199_1044925464_o

It was the one thing my doctor advised me to stay away from during pregnancy as far as exercise. It’s so high intensity that I didn’t feel like it would be worth it for me to risk anything. It’s also pricey so if you’re not going a lot it’s not worth it. To be 100% honest I didn’t do any physical activity at all my whole pregnancy besides the occasional walk, maybe a little tennis when we were in Florida, nothing intense.

After Isla was born, I put off working out even after I was cleared for exercise at my 6 week postpartum appointment. By my 6 week appointment I had lost the 28 pounds I gained with Isla. You’re probably thinking that it’s so unfair because I didn’t do anything to try and lose the weight! Well I don’t know what to tell you except I think my genes and breastfeeding helped a TON. And just because I lost the weight does not mean my body looked the same as before. My stomach was no where near what I wanted it to be.

I finally got back in the workout game around the end of June. I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It’s super boring and repetitive but it’s something I can do at home with Isla playing on the floor next to me and it’s only 20 minutes! I just started with it again and forgot how good it feels to workout everyday. I am going to try and stick with it as long as I can. Definitely for the 30 days but hopefully longer. If you have never tried this and are one of those people that don’t want to pay for a gym or don’t have time or are just intimidated by working out, give it a try! It’s only $10.


As far as healthy eating goes, well the Holidays really screwed me (and I think everyone else). I did the Whole 30 program in October and after that ate whatever I wanted. Whole 30 was really hard, it’s a TON of prep. If you aren’t prepared to follow through with it on a daily basis you will fail. I definitely lost some weight and felt good about myself but it really wasn’t a realistic everyday option for me. I like yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast so that was the first sign it was going to be hard. I really wanted to do it to see if I could. To see if I really had the willpower to stick to something I said I would. I also wanted to kick my sugar addiction. It’s basically a paleo diet on crack. The idea of it is that you don’t eat any added sugar to reset your body not to crave it. I hate to say my sugar craving is still very real. A lot of people swear by Whole 30 and say they are changed people after it. I didn’t have drastic results like that but it’s worth looking into if you’ve never heard of it before.

Now I’m into making green smoothies, preparing fish or some protein and veggies for dinner, cutting back on bread and other carbs, and trying to have a light lunch with a few healthy snacks throughout the day like an apple with homemade almond butter (have you ever made homemade nut butter? My food processor almost died in the process!). I have only been doing this for about a week and a half since we got back from Hawaii but already feel different and better. I also know swimsuit season is coming up and I want to be that mom at the pool rocking a bikini again! In Hawaii I didn’t feel quite there yet.

photo 1 (5)

Green smoothie with spinach, carrots, frozen strawberries, a little OJ and a little lemon juice. So yummy!

photo 2 (6)

Veggie burgers topped with sharp cheddar cheese and golden grape tomatoes with roasted brussel sprouts (I loove brussel sprouts!)

photo (4)

Creole seasoned tilapia and roasted asparagus

image (13)

Caprese chicken with balsamic glaze and roasted eggplant  & of course my glass of red wine (can’t give that up, hey it’s heart healthy!)

What is your favorite workout or healthy meal? Please share in the comments, I’m always looking for something new!

Seafood Feast

My brother in law Joe loves to cook. He has become the go to chef on the Burke side. I don’t mind because everything he makes is delicious! After Thanksgiving we went up to my in laws lakehouse to spend the weekend there. Joe did some serious cooking and let me be his sous chef. Now let me tell you, cooking can be stressful, especially when you’re cooking for other people. Well attempting to photograph each step of the recipes in poor lighting while not burning things is more difficult than you would think. So my hat goes off to all you food bloggers who successfully take great photos of your food while cooking. On Joe’s menu for lunch Saturday was clam chowder and baked oysters! Both of which turned out great. He got the clams and oysters from Whole Foods which is where I would suggest buying any seafood, it’s always super fresh. The recipes are linked at the bottom in case you would like to recreate them for yourself. And if you don’t like shellfish, sorry this post isn’t for you!









We found these baby crabs inside the oysters! They were still alive 😦





Teeny clams


Fresh oysters




The topping for the oysters





This is where we had to improvise, we needed an immersion blender but didn’t have one. A regular blender worked fine but just wasn’t as easy.









Yum! I’m hungry just looking at these photos! Clam chowder recipe here. Baked oysters recipe here.

Thanks Joe for another delicious meal!

Pinterest Recipe- Portobello Wraps

I love Pinterest. What a GREAT idea. After my wedding my favorite thing to pin became recipes. I have made so many recipes I found on Pinterest it’s not even funny! Almost all of them have turned out great too. Today I’m sharing with you my adaptation of a recipe for portobello, roasted red pepper, and goat cheese wraps. These are so yummy and even my meat loving husband approves! This is SO easy, seriously anyone can do it.


Photo courtesy of

image (11)

Mine got nice and crispy on the outside but that’s how I like them!

image (10)

image (11)

Are you drooling yet? So my photos are not nearly as good or exciting as the original but whatever these babies taste delicious!

I took the original recipe and basically dumbed it down. It uses the grill and lots of spices. You can find the original recipe here. I only use 5 ingredients and make mine in a skillet. Here’s what you need.

Portobello, Roasted Red Pepper, and Goat Cheese Wraps

Serves 2 people with leftovers for lunch the next day!

1  4 oz. log of plain goat cheese (you could get the kind with herbs in it too that would be yummy!)

4 large portobello mushrooms chopped

1 small jar of roasted red peppers

small flour tortillas

avocado oil (or olive oil whatever you have on hand)


1.) Start by cleaning the portobello mushrooms by wiping them down with a damp paper towel. Never actually submerge mushrooms in water, they are like sponges and it will totally ruin your dish. Next chop them up into about one inch pieces.

2.) Chop up your roasted red peppers to the same size.

3.) Take your goat cheese out of the fridge, I like mine at room temp to easily smear on the tortillas.

4.) Next sautee your mushrooms in a large skillet with about a teaspoon of oil, until tender about 5-7 minutes. At the last minute toss in your roasted red peppers with the mushrooms just to warm them through.

5.) In another small skillet turn the heat on medium-high and spritz with avocado oil, add the first tortilla until lightly browned on one side, flip it over smear a little (or a lot) of goat cheese on the tortilla, then put some of the mushroom and pepper filling in. Top with another tortilla and flip the whole thing over so both sides are evenly browned.

6.) Turn the heat off and remove from the skillet. Cut into 4 pieces and serve immediately! Repeat step 5 again if you are serving more than one person.


Now I realize that mine are more like a quesadilla than anything but I don’t always make them like this. Sometimes I do the regular ‘wrap’ way which is just a little bit harder to flip in the pan. I use avocado oil because it is healthy and it also has a much higher heating point meaning it won’t burn as fast as some of the other types of cooking oils. My mom bought me one of those little oil spritz bottles so I can use as much as I need and not pour a ton in the pan, I think she bought it at homegoods. It’s really convenient!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made these, and they are always so good, quick, and simple. Any beginning chef can master these! I’m actually surprised and how filling they are for being meatless. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you decide to make these please let me know if you liked them! If you follow me on Instagram you will see my other Pinterest recipe successes. Also don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see what my latest recipe pin might be! Thanks so much for reading, have a lovely day!