Everett’s Birth Story

So sorry this blog has fallen off the face of the Earth. It became so hard to keep up with while pregnant and now near impossible with 2 kids. I will try to post here and there on random stuff maybe some outfits or random mom stuff or recipes. Let me know if you would like me to continue to post and what you want to see!

In honor of my sweet boy turning 6 months old today I’m finally getting around to sharing his birth story! When pregnant I loved reading other people’s birth stories just to hear about how their experience was. First and foremost if you don’t want to know details about childbirth, labor and all the lovely glamorous things that go along with it, stop reading now. This is your warning.

Some background info. I had been 4cm dilated and 85% effaced since 5 days prior. I progressed a lot before being in actual labor with Isla too. My labor with her was 8 hours.
So the day of July 9th was my Mother in law’s 60th birthday. I helped plan this huge Mexican themed party with my sister in law. She had asked that I take photos at the party so the whole day I was on my feet walking around, chasing my 2 year old, socializing, taking photos, etc. That night I went to bed around 10:45. I woke up at 1:50am, I dreamt I was peeing and I woke up with a wet spot on my underwear so I thought I peed my pants, little did I realize until much later that was actually my water breaking. I realized Kevin had never gone to bed and he was up messing around on his computer, playing video games. I was irrationally mad. I think I knew subconsciously that this was it so I was pissed he was running on zero sleep. He promised he’d be in in 5 minutes. I went to the bathroom, changed clothes laid back down and my contractions started less than a minute later.
At first, I thought it was gas pain from the Mexican food at the party. I started timing them at 1:57am and they were less than 4 minutes apart. I was thinking this can’t be right they just started 7 minutes ago! They got painful really really fast and I couldn’t sleep. By this point Kevin says “well I’m not going to bed now!” Um no shit. I started getting the rest of my stuff ready, tried to slap some makeup on between contractions, all the while my husband is running around like a lunatic “what do you want me to do?! What do we need!!?” Seriously. Men. By the time I called the hospital (not even 5 mins later) to tell them we were coming I could barely talk to the nurse. I was swearing through the contractions, I’m surprised I didn’t wake Isla up.
Kevin called my mom and she got here in 5 minutes flat. Thank God she lives so close and was on standby!  We live 2 minutes from the hospital but he floored it the whole way with the emergency blinkers on. Later he told me we passed a cop but luckily he didn’t follow us. If he had there was no chance in hell I would have let him stop. The baby would have been born in the car. Every bump and turn was miserable because I really needed to push. My eyes were squeezed shut the entire way. It was the worst car ride of my life! We got to the hospital at 2:35am. The doors to the entrance we needed to go in were locked. Kevin wanted to walk all the way around to the other side of the hospital to the ER entrance. There was just no chance I would have made it all the way there. I kept yelling “I can see the elevator we need to get on, we are going in here!” I was getting frantic. So we had to call on a security phone to get them to let us in.
Finally get to the L&D floor I couldn’t even sign my name on the papers and immediately asked for someone to check me NOW. It was quiet on the floor and the nurses are not alarmed saying “ok hun we will”. Maybe I hid my pain well? It didn’t feel like I was hiding it well, they must have thought I was exaggerating. I was about to lose it. We go to a triage room, one nurse checks me and I immediately told them to call the anesthesiologist. I want an epidural. She says okay we’ll see, we’re gonna put you in a room sounding eerily calm. As they’re wheeling me I’m like okay so what am I dilated to? She goes yep you’re right at a 10…. meaning the baby was literally about to come out. I screamed quite the slew of profanities very very loudly In the hallway. I was freaking the f out at this point. I just kept saying “how did this happen I’ve only been in labor 40 minutes!?!” My doctor wasn’t even there yet and the nurses were all scrambling because the doctor that was there (from a different practice) wasn’t answering the pages to get her to my room. The nurses were arguing saying “she doesn’t like to be paged she likes to be called!” So I knew things were moving too quickly.
I had been holding it in and needed to push the minute we got to the delivery room. Around 7 nurses were running around trying to prep everything, I could tell they were scared that they would be delivering him. As the one nurse is putting my IV in I immediately asked again for the epidural. She says sorry we gotta get this entire bag of fluid in you before we can even call the anesthesiologist.  And the IV wasn’t even started yet. At that moment I knew I was doing this au natural, but still didn’t want to believe it. The whole time, up until like the last 5 minutes, I was asking for an epidural between contractions, hahah, looking back, what a joke. I was just so desperate! They were like um yeah no time, baby is coming now. I knew that but was in denial. LOL. I was hyperventilating and half crying at one point just saying this isn’t what I wanted! This isn’t what I planned! I didn’t practice any kind of Lamaze or breathing, I was planning on getting the drugs! It was all just happening so fast.
The other doctor finally showed up, and just in time. I pushed 6 times with my eyes squeezed shut so tight, screamed louder than I have ever screamed before and out he came! The immediate release of pain after he was born was the craziest feeling in the world. It was absolutely insane. From the time we got to the hospital to time he was born was only 20 minutes. My total time in labor was 54 minutes. My doctor finally showed up right before I was gonna be stitched up. Later Kevin told me that when I was getting checked in triage the nurses looked at each other and the one who checked me mouthed  to the other “the head is right there”. So they knew I wasn’t messing around haha. Everett Bosworth born 7-10-16 at exactly 39 weeks was 8lbs and 9 3/4 inches at 2:53am. He got an immediate Apgar score of 8.5 then a 9 at 5 minutes old. He really is the sweetest little guy. I’m so lucky to be his mama! I can’t believe how fast he’s growing though. Time is just flying. The first year goes even faster with your second baby so I’m trying to savor every single precious moment with him at each age.
Thanks for reading!! Any questions about birth or labor I’m happy to answer openly! You can also PM or email me.
                     I’m so lucky to have 2 healthy babies!