classic combo










ripped olive skinnies | white shirt (so soft & LOVE the fit) | studded tote | mules (also come in black, dupe for these) | aviators | earrings | watch | pearl spike bracelet | stretchy bracelet

This has got to be one of my favorite outfits ever. I just love olive with a crisp white shirt and this one is ahmazing. It’s slightly oversized which I love, because for me that means no gaping buttons! I have that problem with many button up shirts and often times have to size up to leave enough room in the chest which can be annoying!

Anyway I am also obsessed with these mules. Quick story. I originally had lusted after the Vince Allison mules but at $400 there was just no way I was going to pull the trigger. THEN they went on sale for $177! I nabbed the last pair that just happened to be in my size from Neiman’s and was SO excited about them. Well when I got them they were a huge disappointment. Not only were they stiff, uncomfortable and super narrow at the toes but the wooden heel was scratched in multiple places on both shoes. Wahhh. I was sad, but they had to go back. Fast forward about 2 weeks later I found THESE! When they arrived I knew the other ones didn’t work out for a reason. Funny how that happens sometimes. They’re way more comfortable and much easier on your wallet but you get the exact same look. I seriously love them! They come in black too and I just might have to get them đŸ™‚ So long story short, they’re amazing! Also I can’t seem to carry any other bag recently. This one is just my favorite right now! And at $47 it’s a steal. I promise to change it up soon. Sorry for the long winded post. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Happy Friyay!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “classic combo”

  1. I have the same blouse! It’s so classy yet casual. I love rocking it with a bun and some black skinny jeans and heels! Perfect outfit to go out in, look cute, but not over dressy!


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