Special Mother’s Day gifts

   This was the first Mother’s Day without my grandma. When my grandpa passed away in March 2013, all I could focus on was how badly it hurt me, how sad I was, how much I missed him, how badly I wanted my kids to know him. Those are all normal feelings, but what I wasn’t focusing on were others. Specifically my mom who had just lost her dad. In January this year when my grandma passed, of course I was extremely sad and upset like with my grandpa, but somewhere between 2013-2015 my mindset changed. I don’t know if it’s because I matured a bit more, had a baby of my own, or just became more aware of how the death of a loved one affects my other loved ones. But I became more aware of how my mom was hurting. I’ll never forget the realization, of the impact and change in her life, come upon me.

It was the week after my grandma’s funeral and Isla and I stopped by my parents house to just say hi, a normal occurrence. As we were leaving I asked my mom how she was doing, she said ok. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been so focused on me and my feelings I didn’t stop to think for more than a minute that she just lost her mom. I said to her are you sure, because I know I lost my grandma but you lost your mom and I don’t know what I would do without you. We both cried and hugged and I think she truly appreciated my love and understanding in that moment. This may sound strange but in that moment is when I feel like I had fully matured as an adult and officially gained a tiny grain of wisdom. I’m sure Nana & Pa were both looking down on us and smiling, knowing that they have brought us together. I couldn’t be more grateful for the love my mom (and mother in law!) has for me and wanted to show that appreciation in a special Mother’s Day gift.

My Grandma had very distinct handwriting, funny story, she was actually a leftie but the nuns who taught her in school her forced her to write with her right hand so she actually became ambidextrous. Anyway her handwriting was always beautiful slanty cursive. She wrote slowly and carefully, crafting each letter to flow into the next. It was cool to watch. I got this idea from an idea Ashley L. posted on IG of her Mother’s Day gift to her mom. So I decided to practically copy it, if you’re reading this Ashley, thank you! 🙂

First I found a card from Nana, this one happened to be to Isla for her baptism last July. I love her little note (and the period at the end), she absolutely adored Isla and called her her doll baby.


Next I took a photo of the word “Love” from the card as close up and clear as I could. Then I purchased a few things. A pretty pillow I thought my mom would like, iron on fabric transfer paper, some fabric, and thread that would go with the colors in the pillow.


Here is the pillow I picked out.

Next I printed the word love to scale on the transfer paper (per the directions on the package, you must use the website they provide so it can be mirror flipped so when you iron it on it reads correctly left to right). Then I ironed it onto the fabric piece, cut it out, and sewed it onto the pillow where I wanted it.


When I gave it to my mom she didn’t even know I made it! At first she thought it came that way, then I said who’s handwriting does that look like? And she said Nana’s, and I said it is. She was taken aback and I think she really loved it. Which makes me happy.

Susan (my mother in law) lost her mom, Grandma Jan, in 2009, and I had only met her once. But I know from all the stories she was an extremely special woman. I really feel like she lives on in her daughters and granddaughters which is something so cool to see. I know my MIL was very close with her mom and it was really difficult when she lost her. I wanted to do something similar for her to honor her own mom. We use some of Grandma Jan’s recipes quite often, one in particular her chocolate sauce recipe. It is SO good. So I asked Christina (my SIL), to find the recipe in Grandma Jan’s handwriting so I could make something special. Well she couldn’t find it in the box of recipes and when she asked Susan where it was Susan just wrote it down for her from memory. No! We need it in Grandma Jan’s handwriting! lol, fail! So we never got the chocolate sauce recipe but Christina found 2 other recipes that were special to her in Grandma Jan’s handwriting, which I used. I got this idea just from browsing the internet while searching iron on fabric transfers.



I love how she spelled cookie, so cute. (It’s coming full circle Julia is Cooky!) LOL

First I bought minimally decorated kitchen towels and iron on fabric transfer paper. Then I did the same as with the pillow, uploaded the photos into the website’s program, mirror flipped the image and printed it. Then I simply ironed them directly onto the towels. Here is the final result.


I think they turned out pretty cute. I was debating printing them in black and white but like the authenticity of the red pen with the aged spots on the notecard.

Susan really loved them. I could tell they were very special and held a lot of meaning to her. I’m glad I could bring a smile to her face. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day. It’s one of those times in life where you really need to focus on what matters and remember how much your mama has done for you and just how much she loves you!! I now TRULY understand the love a mother has for her child, now that I have my little Isla bear. I couldn’t be more grateful for both my moms God has blessed me with! Thanks so much for reading.

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