Isla’s First Birthday Party

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Isla’s first birthday party was very low key. We only had a handful of family/friends there and I tried to keep everything super simple. I didn’t cook a thing (besides the cake and it was well worth it) and really we just hung out and relaxed in the sunshine! It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

IMG_0107 (1)

IMG_0110 (1)

IMG_0112 (1)


photo credit to Taylor

IMG_0115 (1)

Little goody basket favors for the kiddies in attendance, bunny ears, a little plant growing kit, chocolate bunny, and more candy!





IMG_0105 (1)

IMG_0125 (1)

I made the cake, it was a 3 layer fresh strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. This thing was a labor of love but well worth it, it was delicious if I do say so myself! You can find the recipe here. I tweaked it a little to make enough for a 3 layer cake instead of 2 and added fresh chopped strawberries to the frosting.



We attempted to get Isla and her 3 (soon to be 4!) cousins in the same pic. At first Teddy wanted nothing to do with the bunny ears…


We’re lucky we got this pic with them on.


2.5 seconds later he’s over it. haha

IMG_0121 (1)

my sweet girl


We set up an egg hunt for the kids, I thought it would be a fun activity for them! Unfortunately Kevin hid the eggs in hard to reach places under a lot of brambles so many weren’t retrieved. Also the squirrels nibbled through a bunch and ate all the candy out of them!



They still had fun!




Isla of course had her own little cake. I used the same recipe for the strawberry cake but used blueberries instead. Because blueberries are her favorite food!


Hey guys! This is great! As she picked all the blueberries off one by one and started eating them.


Kevin tried to encourage her to taste the frosting, insisting it is better than blueberries, she wasn’t convinced.


Until she was…





I made dirt pudding cups for the kids, which Corban thoroughly enjoyed.



The rements of the cake. She actually ate quite a lot of it!


A couple of my girlfriends made in in from the city! Not pictured is Ali.



Isla got spoiled by EVERYONE in attendance, but especially her godfather/uncle Eddie. She is obsessed with her little pink car and goes nuts whenever she sees it wanting to go for rides. It has already provided tons of entertainment for her and Teddy.


We ended the day going for a stroll around our neighborhood in Isla’s car. She was a very happy girl on a very special day.

I still can’t believe her first year has come and gone so quickly, but I feel so blessed to be her mama and enjoy all the little precious moments I have with her!

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