Tropical Vibes

OB-tropical vibes



one piece swimsuit }{ straw tote }{ jeweled sandals }{ floral chambray cap }{ sunnies }{ distressed jean shorts }{ white fringe kimono }{ floral kimono }{ pineapple phone case }{ crochet bikini top }{ bikini bottom }{ sun hat }{ beach towel

It’s about that time when spring break is just around the corner and it seems as though people have just had it with the snow and cold & are ready for some sort of island getaway. I am right there with ya. With spring approaching (fingers crossed!) there are so many cute beach wear options out right now. Seriously I love making these collages and there were so many more things I wanted to include but didn’t want it to be overwhelming. I have the jean shorts linked and love them, such a steal! I am also absolutely loving the kimono as a beach cover up trend right now. They’re so light, airy, and perfect to throw on over your suit. A classic white one will go with anything but floral is big right now, so you can’t go wrong with either. I’ve got my eye on a couple pairs of cute jeweled sandals too, I have a feeling they will be trending this summer! Funky sunglasses are definitely in too. I’ve seen a ton with metal brow bars all over the place! Are you headed anywhere warm this spring break?

Does anyone reading still watch the bachelor? Monday night’s episode was interesting, it was the “women tell all” special. I think Britt is all sorts of crazy and girl could not keep it together. I felt kinda bad for her when she was crying non stop, but she seemed pretty fake to me toward the end of her time this season. And what did Jade want Chris to say to her? How could he keep her when she so obviously had another side to her he knew nothing about? Also did anyone else notice that her family didn’t host a dinner or anything for her hometown date? That was bizarre and awkward. They just sat in the living room and talked. By the way, ABC hear our cry, 2 hours is FAR too long as it is to drag out 45 minutes of a show, but 3 hours?!? How ridiculous!!! Thank God for DVR.

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for reading!

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