Wedgie lovin…


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LOL sorry for the funny title, I couldn’t help myself. I just adore wedges for the spring and summer time! They are the perfect comfortable heel to wear with casual sundresses, jeans, shorts, rompers, dressier pieces, pretty much anything! Most of these come in a few other colors too! I personally am really lusting after #5 & #6. I really wanted the Tory Burch ones in the nude color that came out last year but never bit the bullet and now I’m kicking myself because they’re gone everywhere! I have been scouring ebay and poshmark trying to find my size and in decent condition, so far no such luck. But I’m hoping as it gets warmer more will come out of the woodwork, haha. I wish so badly #6 was fully stocked! They only have a few small sizes left, so if you have small feet & love them get em while they’re hot! I did join the wait list, so please Nordstrom restock soon!! I think they are just so cute, I love that they are neutral in color but the cutouts and higher top make them different and so fun! I wish #7 was in my budget cuz they are just so cute & nautical. Sorry for the cray cray price but I couldn’t help including them they’re just perfect! They also come in orange. I tend to go for more neutral colors in wedges so they can be worn with anything, but find myself gravitating toward the brighter coral colors & floral trend right now! They make such a statement.

Which pair are your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday! 🙂

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