Still loving flannel..








jeans (back in stock!) | top (from a local boutique, similar here) | white cardigan ($25 & 3 other colors!) | flats | tote (old, similar) |necklace | watch | earrings

I caved & bought this sweater. It was only $25 and goes with everything! I’m really into textured sweaters this season, they just seem to add the right amount of visual interest to an outfit. And as you can see I’m still digging my flannel shirts. I have a ton of them and just love how comfy & casual they are. They look really cute with jean shorts too for a more country chic vibe.

In other news I’m so excited for House of Cards to come out on Friday!! I seriously love that show. We are currently also watching Breaking Bad (on season 2) I know we are so far behind the times! Another one we love is Shameless on Showtime. It’s pretty rough around the edges, but Emmy Rossum is so good in it.

Also any Bachelor viewers out there reading this? I can’t get over how DUMB this season is & yet I still can’t seem to stop watching… pathetic I know. Is it just me or does it seem like they have gone absolutely no where exciting? Usually the whole group goes to Europe or some foreign country. The dates have all been super odd too, only one or two typical bachelor dates, the rest a little weird. Like a bed in the middle of the badlands? Bizarre. Hopefully they go somewhere tropical and stay in little huts above the water, because come on how could you not fall in love in a place like that? LOL But really I’m anxious to see how the season turns out because I read some spoilers before the season began. Also saw on a tabloid at the grocery store “Bachelor Chris engaged, but in love with another woman!” oh the scandal! We will see!

Oh also did anyone see 50 shades? What did you think? I heard it was pretty bad, would love to know your opinion!

Sorry for the TV show ramble… thanks for reading friends!

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