I have a secret…

So today I am sharing with you a little secret I have. It has to do with this…


And this…


No I am not pregnant. I’m sure that’s what many people thought was coming, but no not yet!

Here is my secret, sometimes I buy clothes from the girl’s section of clothing stores. Yep there I said it. It’s 100% true. Have you ever seen an ad for kid’s clothes or saw something in the kid’s section and thought oh my gosh that’s so cute I wish it came in my size! Well what a lot of people don’t realize is that your size IS a kid’s size. If you are about my size or smaller (I wear a 6-8 on top, true to size mediums) big girl’s clothes will totally fit you. Now I have never ventured to try any type of girls bottoms (skirts, pants, jeans, etc.) I just feel like they will be too short or something. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try!

My size in women’s (a medium) translates to size XL (sometimes XXL, check the size chart!) in girls. So you can see that if you are smaller than me how it would be just as easy to find your size in girls. I usually have really good luck at Target. Now some of you might be thinking “ok ok I don’t want to be wearing Frozen merchandise”. And I feel you, but there is lots of stuff that is not super young looking. Actually to the contrary there are plenty of styles that are “mature” looking, sometimes even identical to something in the women’s section. And the absolute best part, it is ALWAYS cheaper than women’s clothing! Here are a few things I own that are from the girl’s section.


Girl’s leopard cardigan here

Here is a pic of me wearing it, fits just like a women’s medium! Length is perfect too. I LOVE this cardi, It’s a really neutral leopard print.

image (19)

sorry it’s not the best pic!

I just got this jean jacket with the gray sweatshirt sleeves and hood this weekend. It is seriously SO comfortable and cute! I own a couple jean jackets but find them pretty restricting in the sleeves. I always size down at least one size (sometimes 2) because I want it to be more fitted but then have to deal with the sleeve issue. I was eyeing one just like this from Nordstrom on sale for $89, and a free people version for $140! Mine cost $23. Yep no comparison. Look for it in some upcoming spring fashion posts to see how I style it!


Girls sweatshirt sleeve jean jacket here


How cute is this pineapple tank? Perfect for summer! Or a beach getaway. I just ordered it and haven’t received it yet, but will let you know how I like it.

Pineapple tank here


Here is another jacket I ordered for spring. I haven’t received it yet but will let you know what I think. I love the blue & white stripes!

Girl’s navy striped jacket here (got it in size XXL, hope it fits!)


Ok now here is the real kicker….

Besides clothing I have a pair of girl’s uggs. Yes GIRL’S size uggs! I know that sounds crazy but google the conversion! I normally wear a women’s size 8.5 (women’s 8 in uggs) and really wanted the blush pink short uggs a couple years ago (shocking right). Well they only came in girl’s sizes. So I did what any fashion obsessed person on the hunt would do. I googled the crap out of it until I finally looked at the size chart conversion. The largest big girl’s size I could find (a 6) is the same as a women’s size 8! I couldn’t believe it! So not only did I get my pair of pink uggs, but they were also cheaper too! Holla!! So if you are a women’s size 8 or smaller I highly recommend getting girl’s size in uggs, you will pay less for the exact same thing!


I couldn’t find them anywhere in pink 😦 But they do have the classic colors still, chestnut, grey, black, and chocolate.

Find them here


Here are a few more items from the girl’s section that are cute!


Floral zip up here


Be mine tee here (perfect for Valentine’s Day!)


Donut tee here

If you’re into graphic tees, the girl’s section has some of the cutest! In my opinion because they’re not crude. Usually just cute and happy!

Just remember if you decide to buy from the girl’s section be sure to look at the size chart. The measurements listed will help you gauge which size to buy.

Have you ever shopped girl’s before? If you decide to, please email me (musingsofasuburbanmama@gmail.com) to let me know what you got and if you like it! Or tag me in a pic on Instagram! I would love to see what you got!

Thanks for reading! I hope you venture into buying girl’s sizes too! I promise you won’t regret it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “I have a secret…

  1. LOVE this post!! My sister bought the denim jacket from target and I just bought the striped jacket from old navy and a chambray shirt from the girls section as well (both XXL), can’t wait until they come!!!
    P. S. You are making me a shopping addict!!!


    1. I am soo obsessed with the denim jacket! She will love it! The striped jacket didn’t end up fitting me waahhh! I was so sad. It was too tight across my chest. I guess they’re banking on girls not having big boobs yet. LOL I want to order more of the graphic tees though, they fit me perfect!


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