The burgundy coat

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coat | skinnies | tee | pumps | purse (similar) | sunnies

I got the coat I’ve been longing for! It’s even better than I imagined, I seriously love it. So many reviews said it was an Olivia Pope coat and they are so right! I just started watching Scandal and am almost to the 3rd season, so I finally understand the reference. I would love her coat wardrobe! Her heels too. I feel like this coat can dress up any outfit! This tee is super comfy, I have it in a few other colors as well. It’s longer too which is nice. The sunnies are knock off Karen Walkers that are over $250. I got them for less than $6! I really like them and they are sturdy and really good quality for being $6.

Hope y’all are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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