Mermaid waves tutorial

First off I apologize in advance because some of these photos are blurry. Kevin takes all my blog photos and we are both still learning to take good pics! Today I have a hair tutorial! This is how I do my hair 99% of the time. It is really quick and easy and I just love the look.

Before you start you will need some tools.

A curling iron, I use a one inch regular run of the mill cheap as heck curling iron. No joke the thing has lasted me 10 years and it costs less than $15. I think it heats up great too. You can definitely go for a higher end one but mine works great so why fix something that’s not broken? Anywhoo you could also use a curling wand, but I just use mine as if it were a wand. If you don’t want the clip attached to your regular curling iron, youtube how to take it off.

A teasing comb. Any teasing comb will do. Again mine is random and cheap.

Hairspray. Any kind will do.

An old toothbrush. If you have flyaways (or in my case baby hairs that fell out and grew back from pregnancy) using an old toothbrush to tame them is key.

Backcomb spray. This stuff is ridiculously good for teasing and getting volume. A little goes a long way.


This is my dirty day old hair. I use quite a bit of product out of the shower so by the next day it never looks as shiny as the day I do it.


First brush through your hair thoroughly. If you are starting with it wet just blow dry it. I blow dry with my head upside down and use this root pumper to get some volume going.



 Next, section off your hair right above your ears so you are working in 2 big sections. My top section always has more hair than the bottom but whatever.


Clip up the top section


Separate the bottom section into 2 equal sections. Then section off each side again into 2 one inch sections. You should have 4 different one inch sections to curl.


Start by wrapping the section of hair around the barrel with the clip still down. I always wrap the hair away from my face, I find it more flattering. On the bottom sections I tend to curl closer to the root because the bottom falls faster than any other part of hair for me. Point the curling iron down. If you are new to the wrapping technique be very careful not to burn your fingers on the curling iron, it’s easy to do.


Hold the hair in place for 10-15 seconds. My norm is 10 seconds because my hair is naturally wavy and holds the shape pretty well and I like my curls looser and to flow together. But if you want it to last all day or your hair is naturally straight hold it longer.

IMG_3982 IMG_3983

This is what it looks like untouched. I don’t fluff or mess with it at all until the very end.


Next take down the top section and create 3 sections with it. One on each side and a section in the back.


Clip up the section in the back


Start with one side or the other and curl one inch sections the same way as before.


IMG_3989 IMG_3990

When you’re done with the sides do the last back section. Mine is split into 2 one inch sections.



Fluff and run your fingers through your hair so the curls loosen up and kind of blend together


When you are done curling this is the end result. If you don’t want volume or don’t like teasing your hair just spray and you’re done! If you want some volume continue with the next steps.


Pull apart a small section starting at the very front of one side of your hair all the way to the back middle.


Tease lightly, on the top and underneath the section of hair. With the top section that lays on the top I go a little lighter because I don’t want a frizzy mess on the top of my hair.


Spray underneath the section with the back comb spray or just with hairspray to get it to stay.


Flip that section of hair over your part as you work on the next section to tease. I repeat this process 3 times on each side/back.

IMG_3999 IMG_4000

This is what it looks like after teasing all sections. I went light so it’s not super poofy. Usually I am a little heavier handed. You can see how random parts stick out more than others.


Run your fingers through your hair to kind of tame the tease as you desire. I just make sure all the sections flow into each other and nothing is poking out.



Spray your hair all over with your favorite hairspray to hold the look.


If you have baby hairs or flyaways spray an old toothbrush (mine looks dirty because I have used this same trick to tame my brows)


then comb the hairs into place

IMG_4006 IMG_4008

The finished look! Loose flowy mermaid like waves! Once you get the hang of it I swear it takes me less than 10 minutes to do.

My flannel is here (now less than $13!!!!), lipstick here (in color get ready), earrings here (on sale!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you try it please let me know how you liked it! Or if you instagram a pic make sure to tag me, I would love to see it!! What is your favorite way to do your hair? Everyone has a signature look that they go to all the time, this just happens to be mine.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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