For the love of leopard

I love leopard. I have ever since I was like 9. I had this leopard fur winter coat I was obsessed with. My mom thought it was tacky but let me buy it anyway because it made me happy. What a nice mama. Well now leopard is back on trend and bigger than ever! I am very picky with my leopard print, it has to be a certain color combo to work for me. Besides the classic brown, tan and black print I also like it in gray. Neon leopard print however is not for me. Here are some of my absolute favorite leopard pieces. Some more understated than others. But all are considered a neutral in my book.


pumps | sweater | scarf | oxford flats | beanie | clutch | belt

I chose mostly accessories because that’s my favorite way to style leopard. I do have a leopard cardigan and a couple leopard tops but find when I wear them I prefer the rest of my outfit to be completely neutral. Basically lots of black. But when wearing a little pop of leopard here and there it’s fun to mix and match patterns. One of my favorite combos with leopard is stripes! It also looks great with plaid and lace!

photo (1)

lips here in color faint for fuchsia (obsessed with these especially because my lips are dry in the winter!), scarf here, nursing top here

What is your favorite way to wear leopard? Or are you over the trend? Have a happy hump day!

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