The Blanket Scarf

It seems as though everyone in the social media world has gone ga ga for this blanket scarf. I am actually just a huge fan of blanket scarves in general and am looking to add a few more to my closet! We took these photos on Saturday when it was a rainy dreary day, and before all the snow! It didn’t matter though, my little Isla loves being outside! I swear she is the happiest baby.



Don’t mind my double chin, haha!







Really, mom? The lipstick?





You lookin at my leaf?

My outfit details- blanket scarf: here (this is the exact one I have you can read my review it’s the one left by Lauren B.) || chambray shirt: old, very similar here || leggings: here || boots: here || michael kors watch: here

Isla’s outfit-bow (comes in a big set, awesome deal!): here || jeans: here || sweater: old, really cute option here (great price) || moccasins: here (color platinum)

This is a typical ‘mom’ outfit for me. Comfy but still cute. During the week I wear jeans more than leggings out and about but on the weekends it’s nice to be ultra comfortable. Btw these leggings are the best thing ever. They have an wider waistband so they help smooth and suck you in. And believe me after having a baby I’ll take all the sucking in I can get! And this blanket scarf, um can we talk about this for one minute. Obsessed. It goes with everyyyything. I took a gamble ordering it from some company straight from China but it paid off. Mine is so much cheaper than the Zara version, so soft, and huge! An absolute must buy.

 I rarely put Isla in real baby jeans, she wears a lot of jeggings just because they’re so much more comfortable. But when I do put her in real jeans, I just die. They are just so small and cute! I have to tell you about these baby moccasins, from Sophie Kate Moccasins. They are so well made and so stinkin’ adorable. I get asked where they are from every single time Isla wears them out. Thanks for stopping by have a great day!

P.S Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway!!! Such a great gift for a kid! 🙂

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