Most Loved Baby Products

If you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant in the near future, or are going to a baby shower anytime soon, this post is for you. When I was pregnant I became obsessed with researching baby products. I knew when we were registering I wanted to go in knowing which big ticket items we wanted so we didn’t waste tons of time comparing them in store. Have you ever been to a Buy Buy Baby? Omg. There is so much stuff in that store that you didn’t even know you need until you see it. Even with all my research we still spent a solid 4 hours in the store. Cray cray, I know. Here are some of the things we have LOVED so far.

OB-baby products

1.Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller 2. Fisher Price Musical Gym Play Mat 3. Sophie the Giraffe  4. Aden + Anais ‘Oh Girl’ Burpy bib  5. Sophie Teether  6. 4Moms Mamaroo 7. Halo Swaddle Sleepsack  8. Nose Frida Snot Sucker  9. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets  10. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play  11. Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat

1. Bugaboo Stroller- LOVE. This was definitely the priciest item we bought for Isla but it is well worth it. I swear it is the smoothest ride in a stroller ever. It feels very well made and heavy duty. I also loved that the toddler seat could be converted into a bassinet (shown above), so you can use it from birth. The seat can be rear or forward facing, the handle bars are adjustable, the wheels are pure rubber so they will never go flat. It’s easy to fold & I loved the sleek look of the all black. I have jogged with it before although it was a much harder workout because of it’s weight. We also got the adapter for the chicco carseat so we can just snap the carseat right in. This is the feature I have used so much and even now that she is 7 months old. It is so convenient to just pop her right onto the stroller while shopping or running errands. The other stroller I really liked was the Uppababy Vista. One thing the Vista has on the Cameleon (besides a cheaper price) is the size of the basket. However we chose the Bugaboo because the Vista felt huge in real life. I had a hard time seeing it fit through isles in stores. Which sounds dumb but really played a role in our decision.

2. Fisher Price Play Mat- This thing is so darn cute. The little birds and lights that move around keep baby’s attention and all the little toys that dangle are detachable. It plays some cute music and is perfect for tummy time and when baby is learning to reach and grab things. It even includes a teether. We put this away about a month ago but Isla loved it.

3. Sophie the Giraffe- Oh Sophie, you overpriced dog chew toy, you. Seriously. This is a dog chew toy from France. Some genius decided to market it as a squeaky baby toy in the U.S. and it caught on like wild fire. Every baby has to have a Sophie! But seriously it is a really cute little toy that Isla loves to chew on and hold in her little hand. She loves when it squeaks too.

4. Aden + Anais Burpy Bib- First of all I love Aden + Anais. Their stuff is just all around great. Well made, super soft bamboo material, cute prints, etc. This burpy bib is no different. It’s a burp cloth and a bib combined. It has a little snap on the back so you can use it as a bib which is awesome. When Isla was a newborn and would spit up constantly these were a life saver. I would even put it on her as a bib when in the car as to make sure she didn’t spit up all over herself.

5. Sophie the Teether- This version of Sophie is smaller and has ribbed rings on the sides for babies that are teething. Isla gravitated toward this Sophie first because it is smaller and fit in her hand better. She constantly has this thing in her mouth. Especially now that she is starting to get a tooth!

6. 4Moms Mamaroo- This futuristic looking baby swing is all the rage. Almost everyone I know who has one loves it. We are no different. It moves in all different configurations, car ride, ocean wave, figure 8, tree swing, rockabye, etc. It has a plug for your ipod or iphone to play music and also has various white noise sounds. The little mobile at the top is 2 sided. Black and white print for newborns and then you can switch it to the colored side once baby can focus and see better.

7. Halo Swaddle Sleepsack- Swaddling is not an easy task but these swaddle blankets make it super simple. Using velcro and longer overlapping pieces of fabric it is easy to keep baby’s arms at her sides so she doesn’t jolt herself awake at night. The other awesome thing about these is that it zips from the bottom making middle of the night diaper changes easier. No need to unswaddle their arms to change the diaper.

8. Nose Frida Snot Sucker- This is exactly what it sounds like. A snot sucker. People are SO grossed out by this but honestly I don’t really mind it. You stick the tube in baby’s nostril and then suck on the red end to literally suck baby’s snot out. No you do not eat the baby’s boogers. It has a filter so you never ingest anything. This thing is amazeballs. Seriously. The bulb thing you get from the hospital sorta works but there is no way to clean it which is nasty. This gets stuff out we didn’t even know was in there. Weird perk, Isla LOVES it when we use this on her. She sits super still and gets this little grin on her face, it’s hilarious. Super bizarre because our nephew Teddy HATES it.

9. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets- We sometimes used these for swaddling in the beginning but more just as blankets. Since Isla was born in the spring they were the perfect weight for spring weather. They’re light enough to be used as a stroller cover and warm enough bunched up to keep baby warm in their carseat. Again love the fabric and patterns. They get softer with each wash too, bonus!

10. Fisher Price Rock n Play- This was suggested by many people to us while we were registering. This is what Isla slept in for the first couple months next to our bed. It is like a little cocoon so I know she felt protected in it. I also really like that it is slightly inverted so if she spit up in the middle of the night we weren’t worried about her choking. It folds up easily and we were able to take it with us on the go. The little puppy design is so adorable as well.

11.Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat- We didn’t really even look at other carseats. This one was one of the lightest at 8 pounds and has high safety ratings. It’s easy to use and has a newborn insert so even preemies can be taken home in it. My sister and sister-in-law both use this carseat for their kids and loved it. We chose the black and gray color because we wanted it to be neutral for any future babes.

This is not everything. This doesn’t even cover one third of the stuff we have for Isla. It is crazy when you think of all the junk you buy. But alas it is what comes with the territory. I didn’t even go into baby carriers, pacifiers, diapers, high chair, nursery furniture, etc. If you have specific questions about anything else leave a comment below! I have a plethora of knowledge on baby products. I will post more info on her nursery soon! Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful!

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