hat||faux leather jacket||boots (on sale!!)||long sleeve tee||skinnies||necklace||aviators

My first outfit post! Can you tell I struggled with the timer on my camera? Haha! It’s so hard to get it to focus correctly when you jump in after! The flash kept going off too. I have to get someone to take my next photos. Anyway this look is super casual yet cute. This faux leather jacket is my obsession. It instantly makes any outfit chic! I’m also loving this hat I just found at Target! It goes along with the plaid trend which is huge right now. I have a slight baseball hat addiction, I have so many. Most of them are summery colors and prints so it’s nice to find one that can be worn with darker colors in the colder months as well. Speaking of cold, it is freezing out today. In the last photo you can see the frost on our grass. The poor trees are bare too. Wahhh I’m not ready for cold! But am SO ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!

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