Makeup Must Haves

Happy Monday friends! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my absolute favorite makeup products right now. Over the past few years I have slowly started gravitating toward more high end makeup and love the quality. There are still a few favorites that I use (and swear by!) that are drugstore finds.

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1. You guys are going to think I’m totally nuts. I use this chafing relief gel as a foundation primer! I know what you’re thinking omg that’s so gross! I saw it on a few different beauty blogs a couple years ago and thought the same thing. But I swear it actually works! It has the same main ingredient in it as the way more expensive smashbox photo finish primer. I have acne prone oily skin and it has never made me break out. Seriously try it!

2. This concealer is awesome. Thanks to genetics I have super dark under eye circles and this is the ONLY concealer I have ever found to really brighten my under eye area! I use shade 1, which is one shade lighter than my face for a brightening affect.

3. This is the best highlighter EVER. If you watch any beauty gurus on youtube or read any beauty blogs you know that this shimmering skin perfector is a cult classic. The color opal is absolutely gorgeous.

4. I love this mascara for everyday, it has a primer on one end that you put on the tips of your lashes to extend them and then use the mascara end immediately after. I never get clumps using this.

5. This is one of those products you just have to bite the bullet and buy. At $54 it is not cheap but when you realize you’re getting 12 different shadows it seems much more worth it. I love a neutral brown shimmery eye and this palette is perfect for that.

6. The best brow product hands down. I have tried a lot of different ones. A few others by Anastasia Beverly Hills as well as Benefit and love this the best. I use shade soft brown.

7. This mascara is crazy! It makes your lashes so thick and full. I love using it for the roots as I feel like if I use too much on the ends it can get clumpy. The only thing I dislike about it is that it flakes when I curl my lashes after my mascara has dried. I’m bad I know you’re not supposed to do that but it’s the only way mine stay curled.

8. Best foundation ever. I love MAC products in general but this is my all time favorite foundation. I have tried other high end and low end options but always end up buying this one over and over. I wear shade NW 20.

9. I have been using this powder by cover girl since middle school. Not even kidding I’ve probably gone through like 40 of them. Like I said before I’m oily, even in the winter, so I need to set my foundation with a powder. This one gives me a little extra coverage, which I like as well. I wear shade Ivory 505.

I have become somewhat of a makeup junkie! I didn’t even get into lips, blush, bronzer, or brushes. Leave me a comment below telling me about your favorite beauty products! Thinking about doing a little tutorial on a makeup look I posted on Instagram on Friday. Would anyone be interested in that? Thanks so much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Makeup Must Haves

  1. Love this! I want to try all of these products. I’m a friend of your sisters and she introduced me to your old blog years ago. I am following you on this new blog and love what you’ve shared so far. Also, I would enjoy a makeup tutorial.


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