Isla’s Birth Story- The Conclusion

*Disclaimer: if you do not want to hear about going into labor, bodily fluids, birth or pushing a baby out do not read on.

Continued from Isla’s Birth Story, to read part 1 click here

After what felt like an ETERNITY, a third doctor from my practice comes in and says “I am soo sorry Dr. ____ had to do another emergency c-section!” Well ok I guess that’s a good reason not to come back, haha. But we were just so ready to do this and over the waiting game. They had let me hang out because I didn’t feel the urge to push (because I couldn’t feel anything!). Finally it was time! I think Kevin was much more nervous than I was. He stood behind me and gave me a cold washcloth in between contractions, not saying much. The reality of our lives changing was starting to sink in.

I pushed for some time and felt like we were going nowhere, pushing is really hard! Like a legit workout!  Little did I know Isla was preparing for her entrance! I was feeling a little light headed because I hadn’t eaten anything for about 18 hours. Because we had waited so long for me to start pushing the time between my contractions was about a minute apart and she was already so far down. So as her head was crowning (what they call “the ring of fire”) my contraction ended. I am sure I would have been screaming and swearing my head off at this point if I hadn’t have had the epidural. My doctor was like okay her head is right there! Right there! She has a lot of hair and it’s really light! Do you want to feel? At first I said omg no! Are you crazy?! Then I was like well okay when do you really get this chance, let’s do it. So I reached down and felt the top of her little head and couldn’t believe that was really coming out of me! The doctor says ok 2 more good pushes and she’s out.

I was sweaty and tired and wanted to hold her so badly I gave those last 2 everything I had and before I knew it I had a tiny baby on my chest, MY baby! OUR baby! At 2:11 pm after 45 minutes of pushing I had my sweet girl, Isla Elizabeth Burke. I immediately started crying it was just so freakin surreal. This was the tiny being that lived and thrived inside me for 9 whole months. Those were the little legs that danced around. The little arms that punched me from inside. The little lungs that got the hiccups every day past 25 weeks. It was such a miracle, I was in disbelief. She cried for a few brief seconds but immediately stopped when she was placed on my chest. It was honestly the most amazing moment of my entire life. I felt like I had a purpose. This was why God put me on this earth for this sweet pink baby girl. I just sat there crying in awe. It sounds so stupid but at that moment it was all finally real. The whole thing, the positive pregnancy test, growing belly, hearing the heartbeat. It finally clicked that she was mine, forever.



Gah those tiny fingers!!


I don’t even really remember anything but her tiny face so close to mine and her body against me. Kevin cut the cord and I remember them saying she weighed 8lbs 1oz. Wait what?! Holy crap imagine if I had gone to 40 weeks! I would have had a 10 pounder! She was so sweet and snuggly. The nurse helped me get her in the right position for nursing and she caught on right away. After about 2 hours and calling and texting everyone to tell them about her arrival we were moved to our recovery room. That’s where she got her first bath and well we recovered. I finally got to eat! At this point I was starving, I ordered a grilled cheese and french fries and it was one of the best meals of my life. I loved the hospital food. We had lots of visitors that evening and were just on cloud nine.


Her poor face was swollen from the traumatizing experience of entering the world




Everyone commented on how it looks like she has highlights!



 Poor cone head, sorry baby girl!


Going home outfit from Carters, headband gifted from Cousin Emma purchased on Etsy


How cute is this banner my mom made that was waiting for us when we got home?


Isla with her Wisconsin cousins Corban and Mara


Finally a family of 3! Eeeee! So tiny!


Isla and her cousins Mara, Corban and Teddy

It was easily the best day of my life. I get tons of questions on her name. We chose it because we like it, not for any other reason. I honestly don’t even remember where I heard it first but it stuck in my head as being very feminine and pretty. It is pronounced eye-la. It is a Scottish name meaning island. No we’re not Scottish. We chose Elizabeth as her middle name because it is my middle name and it just paired well. Longer more traditional middle name with a “unique” (although becoming much more popular now) short first name.

I hope you enjoyed Isla’s birth story. I will be writing a post soon about  other baby related things like our favorite baby products thus far, things that no one tells you about pregnancy as well as some more recent photos of our sweet little nugget! Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!

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